Please note that due to the coronavirus (Covid19) pandemic, all in-person activities of the Feminist Autonomous Centre for Research are suspended; the Centre will remain closed until further notice. Our team is working remotely to find ways to stay connected virtually as a community during this time.

We regret that, due to the coronavirus (Covid19) pandemic, the Residency Programme has been suspended until further notice. Our thanks to everyone who applied for a residency.

Residency Programme

Our residency programme is designed to support researchers; academics; visual, performing, and sound artists; filmmakers; and writers who work in the research areas of the Centre. The aim of the residency programme is to foster collective knowledge production and artistic practice outside of hegemonic institutions and across geographical locations.
Residencies normally span between two and eight weeks, during which the resident undertakes a project involving or addressing the communities of the Centre.

In the current academic year (2019-2020) residencies are non-stipendiary. Residents are provided with a private room inside the Centre, have access to the feminist library (under construction) as well as the facilities and the network of the Centre, and are invited to meet with and contribute to its vibrant community.

When applying for a residency, please keep in mind that there is daily activity in the common spaces of the Centre, and numerous events scheduled every week.