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In the ongoing pandemic, we are concerned about everyone’s safety–particularly those who can’t choose vaccination due to underlying health conditions, which also compromise their immune systems, or lack of access due to vaccine apartheid.

Vaccines have been made inaccessible to people in the global south, due to the avarice of pharmaceutical corporations, and the weaponisation of the pandemic by powerful states to further entrench racist borders, inequality, exploitation, and premature death.

Recognising that undergoing any medical procedure is a personal choice, following feminist principles of mutual care and social solidarity, we encourage members of our community to choose vaccination to protect themselves and each other.

We suggest to everyone to do regular self-testing and ourselves follow this as a practice.

Please do not come to the space if you have symptoms or otherwise feel unwell, even if you test negative. 

If you have engaged in higher-risk activities, please do a self-test before coming to FAC even if you don’t have symptoms.

At all times, masks must be worn indoors and distances kept (1.5 m).

This determines the maximum number of people that can be in FAC at a time: 20 in total.

Masks should be worn properly (over the nose and mouth) and prior to entering the space; hands should be disinfected upon entry.

For activities that under normal conditions would involve larger numbers of people, we stagger entry to the space and ask people to RSVP either through social media or by email (e.g., Open Days, exhibitions).

Masks may be removed in the backyard, but distances should still be kept (1.5 m). Masks must be worn again prior to coming indoors.

We keep a record of people who enter the space to be able to notify people to get tested, in the event that someone tests positive to COVID-19 who’s been at FAC.

We ask that in the event of testing positive, you or a loved one notify us by telephone or email so that we may notify others with whom you may have come into contact.

Activities organised at FAC by other collectives, organisations, and individuals who utilise the space should also abide by these guidelines.

Last update: 2/10/22