FAC's C.V.

Feminist Autonomous Centre for Research
Urban non-profit organisation (tax registration no. 996857778)
Agiou Panteleimonos 7b, Athens 104 46, Greece
e-mail: info@feministresearch.org
website: www.feministresearch.org

Mission statement
FAC Research is a space for learning, reflection, collaboration, support, exchange, knowledge production, political interventions, and trouble-making. Working across and against nation-state and continental borders, disciplinary boundaries, and institutional barriers, we return to the feminist roots of autonomous knowledge production, challenging what counts as legitimate knowledge and who is granted the right to produce and receive it. Our feminisms are queer, trans, intersectional, antiracist, anti-authoritarian, always in plural, reflexive, and internally contested.

Research areas
Intersectionality: Critiques of Power and Coalitional Movements
Sexualities and Genders: Queer and Transfeminist Perspectives
Mobility: Migrations and Borders
Art as Research: Visual, Performative and Documentary Knowledges
Space: Radical Perspectives on Urban Space and Design
Bodies in Movements: Embodied Knowledges, Collective Care, and Healing Practices

Grants received
Nov 2019: ERASMUS+/SEPIE Strategic Partnership, 2019-1-ES01-KA203-06442, BRIDGES: Building Inclusive Societies: Diversifying Knowledge and Tackling Discrimination through Civil Society Participation in Universities (P.I.: Marisela Montenegro, Autonomous University of Barcelona) (€50,488)

Mar 2019: Critical Social Policy Solidarity Fund Grant (£4,985.00)

Dec 2018: Feminist Review Trust Grant (£1,752.00)

Forthcoming 2021: Community Course on Abolitionist Feminisms (instructor: Dr. Anna Carastathis)

Nov 2019-Feb 2020: Community Course on Ontological and Political Theories of Gender and Sexuality (Instructors: Bessy Polykarpou, Anna Carastathis, 10 participants)

Jan-Jun 2019: Community Course on Intersectionality (instructor: Dr. Anna Carastathis, 15 participants), financially supported by Feminist Review Trust Grant

Reading Groups
Dec 2020-Jan 2021: Witches, Witch-hunting and Women Reading Group (by Silvia Federici)

Nov 2020-Apr 2021: Manifesto Reading Group

Nov 2020: Xenofeminism Manifesto: A Politics of Alienation (by Laboria Cuboniks)

Oct 2019-Feb 2020: Toni Morrison Reading Group

Summer Schools
Apr-June 2020: Virtual Feminist No Borders Summer School. 34 participants; 3 keynote lectures/discussions: Sophie Richter-Devroe; Sreejata Roy; Deanna Dadusc & Hela K. Alarm Phone (Brighton & Tunis)

June 2019: Summer Short Course, “Inhabiting the Borderlands,” in collaboration with the international network Feminist Researchers Against Borders. 21 participants; invited participants: Despina Graneta, Elly Vassalou, Jenny Marketou, Dr. Maria Tamboukou, teaque owen, Dr. Toby Lee; community experts: Avelo Space, United African Women Organisation. Financially supported by Critical Social Policy Solidarity Fund

July 2018: Feminist Researchers Against Borders Summer School Taster. 47 participants; keynote lectures/workshops/panels with: Dr. Bridget Anderson, Dr. Nandita Sharma, Dr. Suryia Nayak, Dr. Gaye Chan, Dr. Miranda Iossifidis, Dr. Melissa Autumn White, Dr. Alexandra Zavos, Roisin Anderson, Lauretta Macauley & Christina Thomopoulos, Dilara Demir, Evi Kouroumichaki, Lauren Lapidge, Marina Liakis. Community organisations: United African Women’s Organisation; Melissa Network of Migrant Women in Greece; Notara 26; Orange House/Zaatar; Eclipse/Alkusuf LGBTQI+ Refugees

Nov 2020: Exploring intersectionality–Building solidarity across EU-Turkey Borders: Inclusive education in times of forced migration and Covid 19. Digital conference organised by Ellen Kollender and Joanna Krzeminska, Istanbul Policy Centre, Sabanci University/Mercator Stiftung in collaboration with FAC research and and the Migration Research Centre at Koç University

Feb 2020: Come, let me tell you: Feminist, lesbian and queer narratives of the post-dictatorship era

Feb 2020: Queer Theory 101: An Open Discussion with Ben Bateman (University of Edinburgh)

Nov 2019: What Is Feminist Methodology? Open Discussion on Narrative Productions with Marisela Montenegro (Univesitat Autònoma de Barcelona), Beatriz San Román (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), and Núria Sadurní Balcells (Universitat de Girona)

Sept 2019: Open Discussion with Liz Fekete, director of the Institute of Race Relations (UK), coorganised with Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, Athens

Feb 2020: Vaporous Vows: A Seminar on Queer Theory with Ben Bateman (University of Edinburgh)

Jan-Feb 2020: Multimedia Poetry and/as/instead of Theory (led by Anna Apostolidou)

Dec 2019: Gender Panic Silkscreening Workshop (led by Avelo Space)

Oct-Nov 2019: Narrative Productions: Situated Knowledges for Possible Better Worlds (led by Álvaro Ramírez March and Sandra Tejada Mejia)

Sept 2020-Sept 2021: COVEN: witchcraft for love politics. Virtual exhibition/online covens (curated by Caterina Stamou and Vasilia Kaga)

Film Screenings
Dec 2019: The Politics of HIV/AIDS: United In Anger: A History of ACT UP (dir. Jim Hubbard, USA, 2012, 90 mins)

Nov 2019: Athens Festival of Queer Performance Short Films Screening (curated by Alex Tsoli)

Oct 2019: Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am (dir. Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, USA, 2019, 120 minutes)

May 2019: Amygdaliá (dir. Christina Phoebe, 90 mins, 2019)

Forthcoming 2021: Come, let me tell you: Feminist, lesbian, and queer narratives of the post-dictatorship era, an open access ebook by the participants in the Community Course on Theories and Histories of Gender and Sexuality (in Greek)

June 2019: First Act, an open access ebook by the participants in the Community Course on  Intersectionality (in Greek)

Oct 2019: Athens Festival of Queer Performance, in collaboration with the autonomous organising collective. Curation of the academic programme

Invited Presentations
Mar 2021: … “Patriarchy, State, and Repression: An Inseparable Relationship.” Fyl.Is, Aristotle University Thessaloniki (by Anna Carastathis & Myrto Tsilimpounidi) [in Greek]

Mar 2021: “Towards a Code of Conduct for the Arts.” Online roundtable discussion, Support Art Workers (by Carmen Zografou) [in Greek]

Mar 2021: “What is Justice? Contemporary Perspectives on Global Feminisms.” Online panel discussion, University of Pittsburgh Global Hub (by Anna Carastathis)

Jan 2021: “EU Borders, forced migration, and EU citizen solidarity with people on the move.” Seminar of the Deutsche UNESCO Kommission e.V. voluntary service group in Greece (by Anna Carastathis)

Nov 2020: “Feminist tools and practices in film production” (by Carmen Zografou). 50/50 Equality also in cinema: for the elimination of violence against women. Online conference. Women in Film and Television Greece & National Film Archive [in Greek]

Apr-May 2020: “RESHAPE: Fair Governance Remote Athens Programme” (by Penny Travlou)

Dec 2019: “Aspects of Intersectionality: Collective Conflicts, Interweavings, Co-Writings” (by participants in the Community Course on Intersectionality). Feminism, Gender, and Philosophy conference, Panteion University [in Greek]

Sept 2019: “Building Togetherness in our Movements” (by co-directors of FAC research in collaboration with teaque owen). Curation, presentation, and facilitation of an evening with FAC Research at Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA) BBQ

Community Initiatives
Jan 2021-: Queer, Intersectional, Transfeminist Coordination for Zapatistas’ Journey to Europe

Nov 2020: Dia de lxs Muertxs, facilitated by Valeria Koumoudogiannaki

Jun 2020: Queer Liberation March

Jan 2020: Yoga Workshop (Restorative, Yin Yoga, and Yoga Nidra), led by Venetia Galanaki

Oct-Nov 2019: Healing Days (Ayurvedic massage by Vivi Papanikola and Hatha Yoga led by Anna Carastathis)

Mar 2021: Panel discusses intersectional feminism, justice, by Betul Tuncer. The Pitt News.

Mar 2021: Feminism in the Greece of #metoo, by Despina Zefkili [in Greek]. Athinorama.

Mar 2021: Feminism: The Word We Need, by Jenny Krithara [in Greek]. Unpopular.

Dec 2020: Femi-femisting Anti-fascism: Transnational Visions in Greece and the United States, by christina ong. Seats at the Table Podcast

Spring 2020: Knowledge from Below: A Roundtable Conversation with the Co-directors of the Feminist Autonomous Centre for Research in Athens, by Julia Tulke. Barricade: A Journal of Antifascism and Translation 1(3). Special Issue on Gender, Sexuality, Politics

Nov 2019: Athens has feminism; now it also has a Feminist Autonomous Centre for Research, text by Maria Louka [in Greek], photographs by Alexandros Katsis. Popaganda

Oct 2019: Interview by Vasia Ntoulia and Mare Spanoudaki [in Greek with English subtitles].  This is not a feminist project