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FAC press is a feminist publishing project.

Publications are original works that are available as open access  e-books and low cost paperbacks published under a creative commons license (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 International).

We invite proposals for original manuscripts (in English or Greek) of high quality and interest to our membership and broader communities, from researchers, activists, and writers whose work converges with one of FAC’s six research areas. We are also interested in publishing translations (from and into various languages) particularly by authors from the global south and periphery.

We envision a series of works on feminist praxis, understood through an intersectional perspective, about issues and from voices that are underrepresented and marginalised in scholarly and trade publishing. This series will be launched with an open call in spring 2023. A second series, titled feminist concepts (in Greek), will be launched in 2023–2024.


Bodies that mutter: 
Poetic autoethnography and digital textuality

Anna Apostolidou

Bodies That Mutter: Poetic autoethnography and digital textuality defines the emergent genre of poetic autoethnography. A fragile, multilayered narrative records a period of eleven years, in the course of which the author has undergone various transitions.

Author: Anna Apostolidou
Series: Feminist Praxis
Format: open access e-book and print edition, 167  pages
Language: English
Publication date: 22 December 2022
ISBN: 978-618-85834-5-0

Download ebook in pdf or epub


COMe, Let me Tell you:
Feminist, Lesbian, and Queer Narratives of the post-dictatorship period

A collective volume comprising feminist, lesbian, and queer narratives of the post-dictatorship period (1974-), following the fall of the junta (1967-1974). Reading excerpts of oral histories, we learn how eight individuals, lesbians, bisexual and straight women and queer people experienced the post-dictatorship period, through their participation in feminist, workers’ and anti-authoritarian movements. Although the social effects of the reconstruction of democracy were significant, the limits (and, indeed, the borders) of democracy, its inclusiveness and its consensual, representative legitimacy remains a continuous struggle into the present day (or perhaps especially so in the present).

Based on oral histories conducted by participants in the community course “Let’s Talk About ‘Sex’, Baby”: Histories and Theories of Genders and Sexualities (2019-2020), the volume contributes to tracing an alternative history of the post-dictatorship era, which dominant histories render unheard. Taken together, the eight narratives suggest the need and desire for histories written from below, which reflect the multiplicity, complexity, and even contradictory nature of lived experience, even in the context of a single life, in the time-space of a singular body.

Editors: Anna Carastathis and Bessy Polykarpou
Contributors: Evina Alata, Phaedra Vokali, Anna Carastathis, Stella Andrada Kasdovasili, Mairi Logotheti, Mairi Michailidou, Bessy Polykarpou, Katerina Stavridi, Myrto Tsilimpounidi, Evangelia Chordaki
Narrators: A., Antouanetta Angelidi, Angelique Kourounis, Litsa, M., Anna Michopoulou, S., F.
Copyeditors: Fani Tsioubekou, Myrto Tsilimpounidi, Bessy Polykarpou

Format: open access e-book and print edition, 106 pages
Language: Greek
Publication date: 21 December 2021
ISBN: 978-618-85834-0-5

Download ebook in PDF or EPUB