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The Feminist Autonomous Centre for research (FAC) is a space for learning,
knowledge production, political interventions,
and trouble-making.

Working across and against nation-state and continental borders, disciplinary boundaries, and institutional barriers, we return to the feminist roots of autonomous knowledge production, challenging what counts as legitimate knowledge and who is granted the right to produce and receive it.

Our feminisms are
always in plural, reflexive, and internally contested.

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Our research agenda is organised around six areas:

Sexualities and Genders: Queer and Transfeminist Perspectives.

Intersectionality, Abolition, and Transformative Justice.

Feminist No Borders Struggles.

Art as Research: Visual, Performative, and Documentary Knowledges.

Space: Radical Perspectives on Urban Space and Design.

Bodies In Movements: Embodied Knowledges, Collective Care, and Healing Practices.

Our current projects include:

Community Courses

Gendered Violence and Transformative Justice (facilitated by Valentina Azarova and Anna Carastathis, Winter 2024).

Read the Syllabus.

Summer School

The sixth annual Feminist No Borders Summer School took place 14-18 June 2023 in six cities.

Read and sign our statement: "Abolishing Borders, Ending Violence, Transforming Justice."

Feminist Library

The Feminist Library is now open to the public, with the support of Rosa Luxemburg Foundation.

FAC press

Our open access feminist micro-publishing project invites proposals for manuscripts to appear in a series on Feminist Praxis.

Read our latest: Transfeminist International!

Criminalisation of facilitation

A research and intervention project, which examines how people on the move, their self-organisation, and people in solidarity with them are criminalised by European states. We facilitated an online course in Spring 2023.

Read the syllabus.
Listen to the podcast [coming soon]


A collaborative research project with Legal Centre Lesvos on how the COVID–19 pandemic has been used as a pretext for intensified bordering.

Read our report, A Pandemic of Abuses: How Greece dismantled the right to asylum and normalised the violation of migrants’ rights throughout the COVID-19 pandemic in Lesvos.

in between

An oral history project with Albanian immigrants living in Greece, in collaboration with MiQ, supported by The Europe Challenge.


RESIST: Fostering Queer Feminist Intersectional Resistances against Transnational Anti-Gender Politics, a research project funded by the European Union (Horizon Europe) and the Swiss and UK governments.
Read our first results.

FAC research is a labour of love six years in the making.

We want to find collective solutions to problems and burdens that, under capitalism, we bear individually:
violence, and
social exclusion.

We want to practice what we have trained to do, and what we love doing, but there is no other possibility open to us.

We want to undertake research that breaks with hegemonic narratives, methodologies, and boundaries.

We’re tired of antagonism, nepotism, authoritarianism, and paternalism as the taken-for-granted atmosphere of teaching and learning in the education system.

We want to combat interlocking oppressions and systemic barriers based on legal status, racialisation, language, gender identity and expression, sexuality, ability, and class.

We want to know what avenues for social change are opened up when we legitimise knowledge from below that goes unrecognised, undocumented, and disvalued…

If this resonates with you, join us!

Agiou Panteleimonos 7B
104 46 Athens Greece
+30 211 013 6451

*open by appointment  on Fridays 10-4  p.m.

Before visiting, please read the COVID-19 guidelines and  code of contact

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FAC research is a registered urban non-profit organisation
(tax registration no. 996857778)