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This year at the Feminist No Borders Summer School, we focus on abolitionist care. We propose abolitionist care as a starting point of reflection on feminist practices of resistance in the context of current anti-carceral and no borders struggles. Abolitionist care is a form of collective care that seeks to prefigure and enact a world without borders, prisons, and carceral logics. Abolitionist care is a political response to the privatisation and deprivation of care, health, food, and housing.

Read more in the Call for Participants, now open (until 24 March 2023, 11:00 a.m. , UTC+3). The sixth annual Feminist No Borders Summer School will take place on 14-18 June 2023 in six cities (or, “nodes”) simultaneously: Athens, Berlin, Lisbon, New Delhi, Novi Sad, and Palermo. Join us!