Feminist No Borders Summer School

Co-organised with Feminist Researchers Against Borders, a network of academics and activists

Dates: June 15-22, 2020

Location: Feminist Autonomous Centre for Research, Athens, Greece

Call for Participants

Coming Soon (January 29, 2020)

The Feminist No Borders Summer School is three years in the making.  The brainchild of Feminist Researchers Against Borders (FRAB) has survived a packed classroom in the Polytechnic University of Athens in the July 2018 heatwave (it would be redundant to say without air conditioning), and was nourished on in its life course as the first gathering we had in the Feminist Autonomous Centre for Research in June 2019. We are grateful to the 100 past participants of the 2-day and 3-day workshops who gave this summer school its existence.

What have we learnt? That incisive analyses and hard-wrought experiences can be shared and synthesised with care, passion, and joy, when feminists who oppose the international nation-state system of borders meet in a room (preferably a well-ventilated one, like those in our welcoming Centre!) or in a field (as we did to open last year’s workshop with yoga for every body and a discussion on listening), or on the streets and squares (where we’ll spend a lot of our time this June).

This year, with FRAB, we launch the full 7-day summer school at FAC Research in Athens. Over these intensive and reflective seven days, a combination of presentations, discussions, workshops, screenings, and research activities will culminate in a collective intervention. Participants will be asked to propose an individual or group (2-3 people) research project that will be developed in Athens and presented during the summer school.

Coinciding with the Summer School, the BRIDGES project will present its toolkit for antiracist education (from an intersectional and decolonial perspective) aimed at university and community educators working toward dismantling structures of exclusion, particularly those erected by borders.

More information coming soon. Thank you for your interest and patience. We hope to meet in Athens this June!