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first act

First Act (Πράξη Πρώτη) is a collective work produced by the 17 participants in the community course on intersectionality, which took place in Spring 2019 (February-June). Encountering the possibilities and challenges of the concept of intersectionality, we decided to play with the boundaries of texts, both in terms of form, media, modalities and voices, as well as in terms of content. From this point of view, the “scientificity” and the detailed answers or comprehensive definitions that one might have expected in a volume on intersectionality are difficult to find in the pages of First Act. This persistence stems from the position of the participants in the community course who, listening to the concept of intersectionality, interpreted it as a political stance and a methodology of questioning, and thus did not want to give closure to its epistemological content of the term or its “travel” to the Greek context. Instead, we wanted to highlight the gaps left by conceptual definitions and, further, to show how study and discussion of intersectionality impacted our personal histories and narratives.

Format: open access ebook, 228 pages
Art work: Myrto Stampoulou
Language: Greek and English
Publication date: June 2019

Download ebook: PDF