Queer Theory Seminar

Seminar Benjamin Bateman, literary scholar based at the University of Edinburgh, offers an advanced seminar on queer theory at FAC Research. The two-hour seminar, entitled “Vaporous Vows,” is aimed at people who have a background in queer theory, an interest in literature, and are fluent in English. “Vaporous Vows” connects Eve Sedgwick’s early work on queer performativity to her much later essay, “The Weather in Proust.” Using as a literary… Read More »Queer Theory Seminar

Narrative Productions

Narrative productions Situated knowledges for possible better worlds Feminism loves another science: the sciences and politics of interpretation, translation, stuttering, and the partly understood –Donna Haraway A Workshop led by Sandra Tejada Mejía and Álvaro Ramírez March, residents at the Feminist Autonomous Center for Research (October to December 2019) The methodology of Narrative Productions draws inspiration from Donna Haraway’s feminist epistemology of situated knowledges. This concept crystallizes her purpose of… Read More »Narrative Productions