Healing Days

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Finding Our Centre in the Margins Embodied knowledges and collective care have long been important aspects of feminist praxis. Healing Days is an ongoing project taking place at FAC Research that aims to bridge the gap between body and mind, theory and practice.   Learn More about Healing Days at FAC & RSVP here: Healing Days

Let’s Talk About ‘Sex’ Baby

Histories and Theories of Gender and Sexuality Ξαγρυπνάς τα βράδια προσπαθώντας να καταλάβεις τι είναι η επιτελεστικότητα του φύλου; Αντί για πρόβατα μετράς ουσιοκρατικές αντιλήψεις για να σε πάρει ο ύπνος; Σε προβληματίζει η ανάδυση της τρανσφοβίας στον φεμινισμό; Εάν βασανίζεσαι γενικά από τέτοια ερωτήματα, αυτό το μάθημα θα σου γεννήσει ακόμα περισσότερα! Οκτώβριος 2019 – Φεβρουάριος 2020 Το αναλυτικό πρόγραμμα του μαθήματος Το μάθημα θα εξετάσει θεωρίες σχετικές με… Read More »Let’s Talk About ‘Sex’ Baby

Narrative Productions

Narrative productions Situated knowledgesfor possible better worlds Feminism loves another science: the sciences and politics of interpretation, translation, stuttering, and the partly understood. -Donna Haraway A Workshop led by Sandra Tejada Mejía and Álvaro Ramírez March, residents at the Feminist Autonomous Center for Research (October to December 2019) The methodology of Narrative Productions draws inspiration from Donna Haraway’s feminist epistemology of situated knowledges. This concept crystallizes her purpose of crafting… Read More »Narrative Productions

Meet our Residents

From October to December 2019, FAC Research was delighted excited to host Sandra Tejada Mejía & Álvaro Ramírez March as residents. Sandra is a Colombian social psychologist, a feminist and anti-racist activist. She holds a Degree in Psychology (Universidad de los Andes) and a Master Degree in Psychosocial Research and Intervention (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona). In Colombia, she worked with children and families living under social risk and vulnerable situations. Since… Read More »Meet our Residents

Past Community Courses

Intersectionality February-June 2019 Course Description Intersectionality is a theoretical framework for highlighting the relationships between various forms of social exclusion and oppression (which also produce privileges) that some subjects experience simultaneously, but have been falsely separated from each other through the complex interplay of hegemonic and social movement discursive processes. Intersectionality originates in black feminist theory in the United States. As a theoretical framework, it makes visible the mutual exclusion… Read More »Past Community Courses